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No. 1 - June 2018
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A Study of e-Learning, Blended learning, and Traditional Teaching Methods to Enhance English Reading Comprehension Ability of Thai Learners
Pornpimon Saeheng, Patchara Varasarin, Noppadol Prammanee
keyword : e-Learning, Blended Learning, Traditional Teaching, English Reading Comprehension Ability
Cable TV Employee Motivation Approach: A Case Study at Bowin Cable TV
Soraya Puree, Anong Wisessuwan, Chalong Tubsree
keyword : motivation, approach, effectiveness, reward, salesperson, cable TV
Communication System in an Organization: A Case Study at Banglamung Drinking Water Co., Ltd.
Vorawut Patanasin, Anong Wisessuwan, Chalong Tubsree
keyword : communication, effectiveness, employer, employee, organization, obstacle
Editorial Volume 9, No. 1 - June 2018
Dr. Paratchanun Charoenarpornwattana
keyword : Editorial Volume 9, No. 1 - June 2018
Human Capital Investment for Labor Free Flow: Lao Skill Workers Development for Thailand and Lao PDR Labor Market
Khwankanlaya Poonna, Chalong Tubsree, Saratid Sakulkoo
keyword : Lao Skill Workers, Human Capital, Human Capital Investment, Multiple Cases Studies
Human Resource Development’s Role in Sufficiency Economy Philosophy to be Professional
Khewika Sukiam
keyword : HRD’s role, Sufficiency Economic Philosophy, Professional
Praxial Interlanguage Experience: Developing Communicative Intentionality through Experiential and Contemplative Inquiry in International Education
Charlton Bruton, Anong Wisessuwan, Chalong Tubsree
keyword : Axial, Contemplative Education, Communicative Intentionality, Contingencies, Interlanguage, Praxis, Praxial
Preservice Teacher’s Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Lesson Study
Sudatip Hancherngchai, Julaluk Jai-On, Wipaporn Suttiamporn
keyword : Pedagogical content knowledge, Lesson Study, Preservice teacher
The Development and Sustainability of the Automotive Parts Business in Thailand
Cholayuth Yomdoy, Chalong Tubsree, Anong Wisessuwan
keyword : Qualitative, Phenomenology, Automotive parts development, Human Resource Development, automotive parts trends and sustainability of automotive parts
The English Usage of Employees in Selected Chinese Logistics Companies in China
Ma Yu, Paratchanun Charoenarpornwattana, Chalong Tubsree
keyword : English Usage, Employees, Logistics, China
The Journey of Building Human Capital among Financially Disadvantaged Local Thai People: a Sequential Transformative Mixed Method Case Study
Sherri Tabaka-Morrissey, Anong Wisessuwan, Chalong Tubsree
keyword : Building Human Capital; Chalmers Center; Savings Group; Isan; Local Thai People; Spirituality and Resilience, Financial Literacy, Financial Skills and Knowledge